Zuzana Husárová

sound poem TA at exhibition Artists and Poets in Secession, Vienna

my sound poem TA (from liminal project) was chosen for Poesie-Installation called “Dial-A-Poem” by John Giorno and is be exhibited as a part of this piece at the exhibition Artists and Poets (12.2.-12.4.2015) in Secession, Vienna, curated by Ugo Rondinone

“Dial-A-Poem” is a phone-based service started in 1968 by American performance artist and poet John Giorno after a phone conversation with his friend William Burroughs. Fifteen phone lines were connected to individual answering machines; anyone could phone Giorno Poetry Systems and listen for free to a poem offered from various live recordings.

John Giorno adapted his poetry installation Dial-A-Poem for the exhibition in Vienna – in collaboration with the Vienna Poetry School, thirty poems by Austrian writers have been recorded for this unusual “telephone service” (among them my sound poem TA)

Visitors may listen to Dial-A-Poem in Secession’s Grafisches Kabinett or by calling the Vienna landline number +43 (0)1 58 50 433.