Zuzana Husárová

Exhibition Lucent in Museum of Art & Design in Benešov

  • LUCENT---tiraz

The exhibition lucent by Amalia Roxana Filip and Zuzana Husárová is from 27.11.2014 until 28.2.2015 in Museum of Art and Design in Czech town Benešov near Prague.

“bodies without organs, the space as far as you can see. The exhibition is a part of the transmedial project that consists of a visual poetry book, sound poetry and live performances. The uniting theme of all the forms is the experiencing of various aspects and layers met during a transfer through space/room: sonicality, visuality, fullness, size, diversity. The exhibition can be described as language-explorative (based on the impulses arising from the presented material), as multimedial (based on the use of various media), and as lucent (following the flickering significance and word form in the sense of the luminous code, signal or reflection.”