Zuzana Husárová

Interview for robotic festival Cafe Neu Romance

Video-interview with Olga Pek related to our performance Trans(who?)man – interviewed by Christian Gjørret, main festival organizer about transhumanism and its connection to poetry, about upgrading the human, art & transhumanism and our reasons for dealing with this topic.

“Cafe Neu Romance is the World’s first international robot performance festival. It took place for the third time at Galerie NTK, Balling Hall at NTK & Institute of Intermedia at CTU in Prague November 26-29 2014. Cafe Neu Romance 2014 was organized by the Danish robot event & marketing company Vive Les Robots! and co-organized by Galerie NTK of the National Technical Library.

In this video you can watch an interview with the two poets Zuzana Husárová & Olga Pek on transhumanism, poetry, and their sound poetry performance Trans(who?)man, which they performed at Institute of Intermedia, Czech Technical University.”