Zuzana Husárová

PNS: SNP in anthology Prebúdzanie sedmospáčov

My poem PNS: SNP was created for the anthology of contemporary Slovak poetry and prose “Prebúdzanie sedmospáčov: Antológia súčasnej poézie a prózy k 25. výročiu Nežnej revolúcie”, edited by Mária Modrovich & Peter Šulej. The poem consists of the urban folklore (graffiti, tags, wall messages, posters), text reappropriated from the Bratislava Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising – plus a phonetic alphabet representation and an oscilloscopic representation of some textual parts.

I was partially inspired by George Bataille´s text in Documents (1930) called  ‘L’Art Primitif’, in which he discusses graffiti carved illicitly by children inside churches in Ethiopia – and makes a direct link between graffiti and transformation:

“It is very interesting to note that in these different cases it is always a matter of the transformation of objects, whether the object be a wall, a sheet of paper, or a toy. […] It is a matter, above all, of transforming what is at hand. During early childhood the first sheet of paper that comes along, which you fill with dirty scribbling, does just fine. But…the principal transformation is not on the surface on which the drawing is made. The drawing itself develops and is repeated in different versions, as the representation of the object becomes more and more deformed. This evolution is easy to follow, starting with some scribbles. Chance isolates a visual resemblance from a few strange lines that can be fixed through repetition. This phrase represents a kind of second degree of transformation; that is to say, that the altered object (paper or wall) is transformed to the point where it becomes a new object, a horse, a head, a man. Finally, by dint of repetition, this new object is itself altered by a series of deformations. Art, since that is incontestably what it is, proceeds in this sense through successive destructions.”

The anthology “Prebúdzanie sedmospáčov: Antológia súčasnej poézie a prózy k 25. výročiu Nežnej revolúcie” presents 25 texts (poems and prose) of contemporary Slovak authors.



The book includes authors: Jana Beňová, Generator x_2, Michal Habaj, Tomáš Horváth, Mila Haugová, Zuska Kepplová, Zuzana Husárová, Monika Kompaníková, Karol Chmel, Márius Kopcsay, Katarína Kucbelová, Ivan Kozma, Peter Macsovszký, Mária Modrovich, Michal Rehúš, Agda Bavi Pain, Anna Snegina, Alexandra Salmela, Martin Solotruk, Ondrej Štefánik, Ivan Štrpka, Marek Vadas, Peter Šulej, Svetlana Žuchová.