Zuzana Husárová

Catalogue of exhibition REMAKE

The info about our interactive work I:ttter appears in the REMAKE Catalogue Edited by Barbora Šedivá, The Brno House of Arts, 2012, Created by The Rodina

remake catalogue

The catalogue follows the exhibition REMAKE, where I:ttter was exhibited.

Curatorial intro by Barbora Šedivá:

“The form of catalogue reveals our idea: media art emphasizes the technology that is hidden behind it. Likewise, there is a grid “layout table”, which is in software and can’t be seen. This grid is fundamental in its function (anchoring the photos). Each text frame drops shadow, because it is above the grid. We remaked REMAKE’s visual identity – the symbol (floppy disc) is replaced with basic element of it: magnetic foil.

Catalogue is for traveling exhibition (dynamic event), which was collaborative research of media art history,and a result of two-year creative and social experiment. Artists and independent curators were trying to mediate important pioneer works of media art (often ignored by international art history) and enter them in today’s context.”

info about the project REMAKE: http://exhibition.remakeme.eu/?lang=en

info on Monoskop: http://monoskop.org/Remake