Zuzana Husárová

Podmienok origináli v a

Our track on DADA ACTA!

Music, lyrics, vocals – Veronika Husárová, Spoken word, lyrics – Zuzana Husárová, Arrangement, sound engineering – Drakh


Veronika Husárová, Zuzana Husárová, Drakh: We are three people in mutual relations of different kind. Each of us participated on the project by her/his own part: Drakh by the sound and arrangment, Veronika Husárová by the music and singing, ZH by the text and its reading.

Podmienok origináli v a. The spoken part introduces a text that was created from the complete document ACTA. The words were chosen according to the sequence -6-20-3-11-1-3-19-1-. It declares the authors´ attitude against ACTA and simultaneously the mindlessness of the document for the progress of our society and its individuals.